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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kids Do The Darnest Things No Matter What The Age

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Kids always think the rules do not apply to them, we see this every day. Even if it is something small, it can be avoided by following the rules.

My first trip anywhere and I took my daughter along as a graduation present. She enjoyed Bungee Jumping and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa at their winter condominium. We were out everyday, enjoying the special attractions and restaurants in the area when we decided to go to the old downtown area for the nightly laser show. It was wonderful. We enter many of the casinos and my daughter came in with us with no problem.

Three days later, we went to Bellagio casino. The sign was big and very clear. “No one under the age of 18 years allowed into the casino”. They had a kiddie’s room off to the side for kids to play video games. My parents, my boyfriend and I went into the casino to do a little gambling. After about an hour or so, I was on a winning streak when a security guard approached me with my daughter.

Apparently, she had become bored with the kiddy’s room and came into the casino to see the excitement. The security guard grabbed her and escorted her throughout the casino to find her parents. Oh, what fun it was when he told me I had to leave with her. My dad stepped in and told the security guard he would take my daughter with him so I could stay at the casino. The officer agreed and my daughter was sent to the door to wait until my dad found my mom.

Since she was going to be 18 years old in five days, she told the security guard she could be in the casino. She also went on to tell him she had been in other casinos in Las Vegas with us. She just would not shut up for nothing. She did lose the battle with the security guard, but can you imagine me wanting to laugh so hard because she would not back down, she felt she was right. It was a fun trip and she never seizes to amaze me the way she thinks.

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