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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Allowing Kids To Play Outside In A Blizzard

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Snow is great for kids and they love to play outdoors. What if the outside conditions are blizzard likes conditions with a visibility of zero? Recent snow today has pretty much shut down the city I live in and I was looking at pictures people summated to a local newspaper where kids are running around outside, running across roads where they cannot be seen. I myself feel this is as dangerous as letting them walk to school in these conditions.

People are told to stay off the roads and stay home. This should include kids. There is a reason everything shut down. The weather was horrible, but some people still thought it was all right for kids to be outside. I tried as hard as I could to keep my dogs in the house because the snowfall was at 12 inches and it was still a blizzard going on. Parents need to think before allowing children to go outside during hazardous conditions.

If a child would get hurt and not be able to get home, they would be buried in snow in no time. Send the kids into the yard and keep an eye on them. If something happens, at least you know where they were last seen.

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