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Monday, October 1, 2007

When Your Child Hits Their Head

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We never really think about concussions or head injuries when our kids hit their heads. The unknown is what the dangerous part about head injuries is. No matter what age you are, a child or an adult, a doctor should check any head injury that causes sickness immediately or an injury that hurts. What many people do not understand about a blow to the head is that it can cause death.

A recent death was caused by a ruptured cerebral aneurism. The young adult fell and hit her head on something. It did hurt but she attributed it to the injury itself. She felt sick the next day when she woke and attributed that to a touch of the flu. She was later found that night in her bedroom, she had passed away from a head injury.

We never think this can happen to our children or even ourselves, but it can happen to anyone. Children cannot always tell us what is wrong, even adults do not want to tell somebody how they feel. There are signs to watch for, but as a doctor will tell you, unless you do a head CT, you cannot always tell if there is a problem. It is so important to watch for head injuries. If your child does sustain a injury to the head, you should use good sense and decide if is cause for a trip to the doctor. It is always better to be safe then sorry where anyone is concerned.

What we cannot see is what can kill us. The young woman who hit her head never thought she would die, but she also did not know about a head injury and what needed to be done to see if there was a serious problem. The more children and adults that know about the dangers of head trauma, the more lives we may see saved and the heartache of the families avoided.

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