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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Should you let your teenage son or daughter date at the age of thirteen?

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Many parents are finding themselves wondering what the right answer is to this question. The first thing is that girls that are age thirteen or younger should not be dating and neither should boys. Boys and girls are at a vulnerable age and have no idea what dating really is or what should or should not be done.

Playing basketball with the girl next door is one thing, but dating is something that should come when the kids reach a responsible age. Fifteen and up is a good age to start dating. By this time, boys and girls are more aware of their own sexuality and know what they should not do.

Even at the age of fifteen, kids need some guidance as to what they can do and what they should not do. More parents need to sit down with children and discuss sex, dating and life in general. If this is not communicated, kids will learn it from other kids that may be doing exactly what you do not want your fifteen-year-old doing.

Kissing is one thing, but doing other sexual acts is not only unhealthy, it is going to lead to more complications if a pregnancy happens. If kids want to date, they should be ask to wait until they understand the opposite sex more and have some responsibility for their actions.

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