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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Understanding Some Divorce Terminology

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The custodial parent is the one the child lives with for the majority of the time.

The joint custody agreement means both parents have a say in the major decisions concerning the child if consent or notice is required. The child lives with the resident custodian parent when not visiting the non-resident parent.

A non-custodial parent is one who does not have the child living with them.

Physical custody is with the parent who the child lives with.

A parent who has sole custody will make all the decisions and does not need permission from the other parent.

Emancipation is when a parent gives up all rights to the child and is know longer responsible for the support of the. This happens when a child reaches a certain age and requests the order themselves, enters the military, goes away to school or marries.

Spousal support is actually called alimony support and sometimes maintenance, which is monies paid to the ex-spouse so he or she can continue to live in the lifestyle they were accustomed to when married.

Marital assets are what has been acquire since the day you married.

Giving one valuable thing to receive something else of value is called Quid Pro Quo.

Pro Se is when you do your own representation in a divorce proceeding.

When you divide marital property and debts, you are doing an equitable distribution.

Interrogatory is when one party writes questions for the other party to answer while under oath.

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