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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kids And Dogs Together Alone

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Should you allow young children to be in a room or outside alone with a dog? The answer may surprise you, but the answer is no, even if it is a family pet. Children think differently than we do. They may inadvertently do something that could be harmless, but the dog might not thing so.

One example is a child who is eating chips and offers the dog a mere crumb. The dog, no matter how gentle may want more than a crumb and decide to take what they want. The gentlest dog could become upset and believe they are being teased.

So many kids are bitten by dogs that they know because parents think the dog will not hurt the child because they know each other well. The simple fact is that dogs are domesticated, but they still have instincts. The first instinct is to protect themselves and the second is to eliminate competition.

Should you leave you child alone with a family dog or a friend's family dog? The answer is simply, no you should not trust either one to be left with the other.

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