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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teen Sex And The End Result

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As I have written before, young men are being charged with having sex with underage girls. These men themselves are underage as well. Now, the girls parents find out she had sex and report it to the police, who in turn arrest the young man. He is charge with a sex crime, becomes a sexual predator, and has to register with the sex offender's registry.

Excuse me! What happen to the girl that had sex? Oh yea, she testified to having sex with him and now he is in jail. She is living her live and probably having sex with the next person. The law needs to be redesigned if the parents of girls are going to continue turning in the young men. The girl had sex as well.

If you are going to arrest the young man then you must arrest the girl as well. She had sex with an underage male. It is a two way street, but people have not realized this I guess. If two young people have consensual sex, how is it that the young man is arrested and not the girl.

Parents need to start taking a stand against laws that are one sided. How would you like it if it was your son that was arrested and the girl walked away free as a bird? Do you think this is right? Stand up and speak the language that can change the way the law works.

Maybe if the law required arresting the girl as well, more parents would take care of their own family matters instead of using the law. Kids have sex. It is a fact of life. Parents are the ones that need to talk to their children before they have sex. Do not rely on the law and ruining a young man's life while your daughter walks the streets and is probably still having sex.

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