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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Look At Those Commercials On TV

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You watch TV and see all these ads for never seen anywhere else. You must buy it off of TV only. The first thing about TV commercials is you never know which ones to ignore and which ones to watch. You are stuck watching because you don't want to miss anything.

First the kids see cell phones that take pictures and play music, so of course that is a topic of conversation whether you want it or not. They see that you can have family plans and the fav five. I if kids had money, every kid would have a cell phone. What kids do not realize is that someone has to pay the bill.

Then you have the mineral make-up that makes you look like a movie star. Yes, it is a powder that takes hours to put on and then you still look like yourself. You spend a lot of money for the first mailing and then they think you need more every month. Credit cards love having you call them to tell them to cancel the payment because you still look like you did before the make-up. You just covered up a few facial flaws for big bucks.

Do you know why they make commercials like these? Because the brain is subject to the power of suggestion. I hate my brain today. How about you?

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