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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kids, Videos Games And Computers

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Many kids today need a little extra push to get outside and play. With so many video games and computers, more kids are becoming couch potatoes. Today, school does not provide enough exercise and some kids do lack the need amount of exercise to stay healthy. This can be a challenge if the kids have their attention centered towards video games.

One thing a parent can do if the child insists on playing video games and not having any exercise is make them do a chore that will take at least a half hour. At least this way they will get some form of exercise. It made be sweeping, vacuuming or even cleaning up the yard after a pet. No matter what you have them do, it should take at least a half hour to do so they do get some form of exercise before turning on the video game or the computer.

Not only will this provide exercise, but also it will teach responsibility.

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