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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Robotic Vacuum To Clean The House

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Cleaning is never any fun for anyone. Moms have so much to do already and then cleaning is added to the daily job duties. Men can clean as well. Many moms and dads are so tired after a long day, that they have no energy or time to clean. They prefer to spend free time with the family rather than clean.

Have you ever seen one of those robotic looking vacuum cleaners that you turn on and set it lose on your floors? Well, that would work great if you have indoor/outdoor carpeting or hardwood floors. Someone needs to make a robotic vacuum cleaner that the average middleclass mom or dad can afford. It needs to vacuum all floor types and be very efficient.

What do you moms and dads think? Would you like to see a vacuum cleaner that could vacuum all the floors and then shut down when it was done? We have dishwashers and microwaves to help us out, why not some cleaning tools that will make life easier.

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