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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The First Day Of School For Many Kids

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School has started and many kids in the United States have had a full day of school already. There are many obstacles that kids go through on the first day. They have to adjust to a new classroom, a new teacher and in some cases, a new school. Many little kids are all giggles and excited to start school. Many teenagers are not anxious to start school at all.

The difference in age groups and how each one feels about starting school is somewhat funny. As you grow older, you tend to want less of school and more of your free time and friends. The opposite happens as the school year moves on. The older kids are enjoying their new friends and school activities while the little ones are tired of school and do not want to go to school. They would rather do something else like play with their friends or play a video game.

Many parents around the world yesterday rejoiced when the first day of school started. Many have to wait until September 2 for school to start. Whatever the date is, parents seem to sit down in a chair and breathe a little easier for the first time in months. No kids to watch after. No screaming or fighting kids running around the house.

Aren't schools wonderful? How did you spend your first day while the kids were in school?

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  • At August 20, 2008 at 1:34 PM , Anonymous jennifer said...

    My kids go back Sept. 2nd. I can't wait. Not because I don't love them or want the teacher to sit for them but I love the structure.

    I have a child who thrives on structure. He loves his routine. By the end of summer his little brain goes haywire. That makes everyone's life more difficult!

    I will enjoy the four hours I have to myself this year. I haven't had that much time alone in 7 yrs.


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