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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gone But Not Forgotten

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Yes, I have been away. I have been building a new following at a blog that talks about gay issues. It was a passion of mind to write a blog that would help people understand about gay issues and how everyone needs to stop showing hate towards gay people and letting them live the life as they see fit.

As many people know, I am very upfront about things that I feel strongly about. I talk about teen sex, gay issues, parenting, cats and dogs as well as anything else I feel people should hear about. This is why I continue to post and inform my readers. I will be back posting again now that everything is coming together rather well. If you would like to see my latest project, it is here to read.

Today's post, June 12, I feel is something that all parents need to read because it could happen to your child. Things just need to change and fast before our young are abused more and maybe even murdered like this young boy, Larry King was.

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