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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Schools Are A Changing

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I read an interesting story in a newspaper the other day about something that happened at any Lutheran high school. Many people who read the article were shocked if it happened at private school run by the Lutheran Church. Evidently, a 16-year-old boy was talking bad about another kid, so this kid's friend approached this young man in the hallway of the school and began questioning him as to why he was talking about this other kid.

A younger girl came walking by and handed him a pocketknife that she pulled out of her backpack. The young man took the knife from her and stabbed the 16-year-old boy who had been talking about the other kid. The two were arrested off course, but the actions are unbelievable. What happened to getting in a fistfight and punching somebody in the face? I mean not to say that that's any better but, why would you pull a knife out and offer it to somebody to hurt someone because they said some bad about someone else.

These two kids are now going to have a record that's going to follow them for the rest of their life. Not to mention, possible jail time and fines. Parents need to sit down and talk to their kids and explain to them what their actions mean. If parents don't start doing that soon, they are going to find out that their kids are not going to be around for the rest of their lives. They're going to be in jail or worse yet dead.

On another note, whoever said private schools or church schools are the best for kids? I guess it just shows that no matter where your kids go to school they can get in trouble or be around troubled kids.

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  • At June 4, 2008 at 11:57 AM , Blogger Jenci said...

    Unless the boy who was stabbed also hurt the boy with the knife he should not have been arrested. Talking bad about someone else is not worthy of arrest. The girl who provided the knofe should have been arrested since she had a weapon on school property and decided it would be a good idea to help hurt someone. Good parenting plays a huge part in making good people, but parents can only do so much. It's up to each person to make their own decisions. These were young adults, not preschoolers.


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