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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kindergarten And The First Day Of School

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Kindergarten can be the hardest day in a mother's life. Her baby is going to be gone from her side. Kids have the same feelings when it comes to entering kindergarten. It is a new experience and they need guidance to accept the classroom and the teacher. Most kindergarten teachers are the sweetest people. They understand what the child will go through being away form the parent.

The only thing you can do for a new kindergarten child is take them to the school open house and tell them all about what they will be doing. Make it fun and exciting for them. Do not cry or become emotional when you take your child to school. This is felt by the child and can cause some emotional good-byes. Make sure you prepare your child for the first day.

Plan weeks ahead of time. Talk about the teacher and the classroom. Ask them if they have any questions. Tell them about your first day in kindergarten. If you have older children, take that child to the classroom first so the kindergarten child can see how it is done. They need encouragement to be their own person.

Patients are always needed on the first day of school. No crying or emotions are needed.

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