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Sunday, June 29, 2008

How Is The Summer Going With Kids At Home

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Well, everyone has had a week or two of having the kid's home from school. How are you all feathering? Are they driving you nuts already? You only have a couple more months to go. Yes, kids can be a handful, especially if you are so used to them being in school during the day. Look at the bright side, the teachers have them for more months than you do and they needed a break.

Kids can fine thing to do or get into. Their creative side usually takes over during the summer months. You see broken bones, scrape and bruise more. Climbing trees and building bike ramps to jump are just kids being kids. They seem to look for ways to give parents gray hair. As they grow older, we sometimes relate the stories of their childhood adventures to them. They laugh, but they are just scared because they are going to be parents some day as well.

Kids are always trying to try the patients of their parents. Most do not do this on purpose, but do it without even knowing. You have to love them no matter what. Don't worry, school will start in a couple of months and things will get back to normal and be quiet again. Take this time to study their moves and see just how much they are like you when you were their age. I bet you will see a little part of you or the other parent in everything the child does.

Have a great day and enjoy your kids while they are young. They grow so fast. Sometimes not fast enough for some of us.

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