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Friday, October 5, 2007

Family Computer Placement

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Many parents today have a room especially for the computer. Is this the safest way to monitor what children are doing on the computer? More so, do you know what your child is looking at, or who they are talking to or what are they giving out as far as personal information?

If you answered no to just one of these questions, then you need a tighter hold on the computer your child uses. Parents should have a view of the computer screen to see what exactly the child does and who they talk too. Computer basics are an important discussion you need to have with your children before they even start using the computer.

Children need to be told about protecting their personal information. The best solution for children is that they should never give out any information without talking to you first. They should know what is acceptable to look at and what you expect from them while using the computer. Parental controls also help, but they kids can find a way around this as well. The only way to protect children, is to know what they are doing.

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