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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring Break Is Sneaking Up

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Spring break has always been a time for families to start their travels or plan some things to do that everyone enjoys. If you have no travel plans in mind, the kids might need something else to do. Although television is a good pastime, you probably want something a little more structured for the kids to do. Kids crafts are fun and exciting for everyone if you plan for the right crafts to do.

Since Easter is coming around the corner, you could plan some crafts for the kids to do. They might make some windows decorations or plan for a future day in May such as May Day. The kids could make little May Day baskets out of construction paper with a handle. You could put some soft material inside such as the Easter basket material and a few pieces of hard candy.

When May Day comes along, the kids could go around the neighborhood placing the baskets on people's doorknobs. This is a tradition done in my city and neighborhood by the preschool/daycare center two blocks down. The kids have so much fun running up to doors and leaving a little treat.

One thing that is also nice during spring break to do is packing up unused clothing and toys for donating to the local organizations. This is one way parents can teach kids about giving to those less fortunate. Kids do learn a valuable lesson when looking for things to donate.

Take the kids to the local mini golf course or for the older kids, you might take them to a indoor paintball field for some exciting fun. Take the kids roller skating or to a local water park for a day of fun.

There are so many things you can plan to do during spring break that do not cost very much money if any. Take the time to plan something the kids could do and you will be happier as well.

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