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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice on the Lakes and Rivers

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Have you seen kids on the ice this year? The lakes and rivers do freeze, but just how safe are they? So many kids think that playing on the ice is so much fun, but what happens when that ice becomes unstable. So many people have fallen through the ice this year and lost their lives because the ice is unstable. This is especially true when new snow is covering any cracks or thinning ice.

Parents have to be so careful where their kids play during the winter months. If a child falls through the ice, it doesn't take long and they will succumb to the freezing temperatures. Kids should always be with a parent, but even parents can fall through the ice.

Many families this year are grieving the death of their child, friends, and family members because they have become a victim to the freezing waters under the ice. Don't let your kids or family and friends become a statistic, teach everyone about the dangers of ice.

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