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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Children of Gay or Lesbian Parents

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In this day and age, it is not impossible for people to be uninformed about gay and lesbian relationships. If you have kids, they are sometimes the brunt of horrible teasing and hateful comments. Not just by the other kids, but what happens when your child forms new friendships only to find out their friends are not allowed at your home because you are in a gay or lesbian relationship. This could cause your child to have issues about your lifestyle or it could cause them to become withdrawn from other kids. Kids of gay or lesbian relationships need to understand the hard facts of the world at an early age.

Some people are cruel and do not understand change. This can hurt the children, but parents and others in society feel this is an unwanted and unhealthy relationship and punish the children for their parent’s lifestyles. Unfortunately, if people do not take the time to meet the parents, they will never know they are just like them, except they sleep differently, they sleep with the same sex. That is the only difference. They can be busy executives with well to do reputations, but because they are gay, parents of other children forbid their child from entering the other child’s home.

Without the understanding that the children need to hear from their parents, these kids can grow to be as critical as their parents. This is where society fails the children. Gay and lesbian parents are just as good as being a parent than most parents. They have to deal with seeing their child come home with disappointment and the inability to understand why their friends cannot come over. This is when being a parent is the hardest. You have to explain your way of life compared to somebody else’s and hope your child understands.

Should you change your lifestyle and separate from your partner? The answer is simply, no, not at all. Society has to change. Life cannot be one way and one way only, it has to have variety or we will become like our neighbors. Nobody will be different and we will become bored with life. Children and adults alike have to understand that there is nothing wrong with gay and lesbian relationships. The relationship is the same loving environment that other children live in with their mom and dad. Once society accepts this way of life, the children will then be able to live a happier life with plenty of friends.

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