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Monday, November 26, 2007

People Who Post On The Internet Without Regard To Children Reading The Post

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In many cases, we protect our children from predictors on the Internet, but how do we protect our children from someone who has kids and still takes no consideration as to what they say or do on the Internet. One such topic is posting comments on informational sites without regard to who is reading them. Children use the Internet to find out about jobs available as well as to do school assignments.

If a child were to Google football or writing gigs, what would they find? They would fine some interesting information that they can read and learn from. Now, if that post spawned bad comments and derogatory remarks, who is to blame for your child seeing the information? Not you, they are doing what they are suppose to be doing. The people that post comments on conversational posts are the ones that need to wise up.

Parents rely on the Internet for their children to learn more than what we as adults had the chance to do. If I want my child to learn about why I do not like something or what types of jobs are available for freelancers, I would direct them to a specific keyword and let them search. I would expect them to be subjected to crude remarks, selfish behavior and racism or name-calling. I would want them to see informational comments that give viewpoints from all.

It is not my fault that I believe in a site for having some great information, but it is the person's fault who feels inappropriate language is the way to debate issues. I would want my child to see a healthy debate on the information, not childish and unwanted behavior from people who call themselves adults and parents. We already have to censor the Internet, now we cannot even allow ours children to visit informative and education sites for fear of being subject to hate.

Just because you are a watchful parent that has 100% control over your child, when they are on the Internet does mean that everyone has this option. Before making comments of hate towards someone or something, stop and think about how you would feel if it was your child reading it.

If you have followed this blog, you know the articles, "Kids Learn By Example" and "Family Computer Placement". These articles tell a story by themselves, but even the best parent cannot be there to watch a child the entire time they are on the Internet, especially if you leave them on a site that is respectable until a few have to ruin it.

Take time to think about how you want your children to be brought up and then think about others. If you have issues that are not appropriate for your child to see, then maybe you should think twice about posting it.

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  • At December 5, 2007 at 11:48 AM , Blogger Laura said...

    I sometimes wish I set a better example. For the most part I do try, but I also monitor what my children access on the net. I know first hand what can happen when they 'search' for something and end up with a site that is totally off topic...especially those porn sites disguising themselves. That just pisses me off; not just as a parent but as a person.

    I don't allow my children to go to sites that are geared more towards adults; we are adults and kids don't need to 'see' everything. I guess this is the part I disagree on; I don't think it is necessarily my responsibility to be aware of what other kids may be viewing. Now, I don't put nasty, derogatory articles/comments or images on my site; but they are more geared towards the parents than the children. I do agree though as parents we need to be aware. I set limits and I know my children may do things they aren't supposed to, but for the most part, I know they are not viewing or reading inappropriate content.

    Just my opinion of course. :) If you are just meaning those sites geared 'towards' kids doing that, then yes, that is wrong. Sorry this post was so long. ;)


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