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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are You Ready For The Holidays, Not Everyone Is

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The little ones are gearing up for Christmas and all those presents they ask for during the year. The first holiday is Thanksgiving where children usually just run around and play with other relatives. This is a time for giving thanks for what we have. For children and many adults it is the start of the Christmas season. The holiday parades, Santa Claus is in the stores and the parade announcing his arrival, but shopping is hot.

If you want all those special deals on gifts, you have to hit the stores early. Christmas is an entire month away, but everyone is out in the stores scooping up those 30% off items and taking them home and hiding them from the family until Christmas Day.

The meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas does not mean the same for everyone. Many people do not have family to spend the holidays with, nor do they have the money to afford a turkey dinner with all the fixings. Christmas morning is not going to see joy in everyone’s eyes. Many people are without the money to buy Christmas presents.

This is a sad time for children who see everyone else getting presents for Christmas and having fun while talking about everything they received. Maybe we all need to stop and think about others who work hard to make ends meet and have no extra money for Christmas presents. Yes there are organizations that hand out a gift or two for under privileged families with children, however many people are proud and do not use the service. Sometimes, actually most of the time there are not enough toys to go around.

Maybe you know someone who is working so hard to provide a life, home and education for their children that could use a helping hand. When you are at the store buying for your family, stop and think about the little girl down the block who has nothing. Maybe that little Barbie Doll that cost $15 would look so adorable in her hands. If everyone felt this way and took the time to spend even $10 on a child in the neighborhood, children could be happy everywhere.

The joy in children’s eyes when they open a present on Christmas Day is the best Christmas present anyone could ask for. I remember when I was a preteen and I got my first training bra. I was so excited that I ran around the dining room showing my brothers and sisters. I could not wait to put it on.

It is the little things that make you feel warm inside. When you see the expression on faces of children that receive a gift, even from you, on Christmas Day, it brings a smile to your face and teary eyes are not uncommon as well.

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