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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Some Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

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The Halloween time for trick or treating is arriving again. Children are looking for costumes and the parents are shopping for candy to hand out to the neighborhood children. This is the time when the streets are full of children running around and going from house to house yelling “trick or treat”. Everyone hears some the stories that happen on Halloween night, but if you follow some safety tips, your child should be safe while out trick or treating.

Children love the dark and scary costumes, but if you have them wear a glow in the dark necklace or wristbands, they will be easier for cars and other people to see. Another safety idea would be those shoes that light up, a flashlight or a pumpkin with a light inside. Anything that will give them some light and visibility will work.

As the parent, you should plan the way the children travel around the neighborhood. There may be some houses that you do not want your children to stop at for one reason or another. You can suggest where they go and what way they take. If you feel your children are too young to listen, then you need to have an adult take them trick or treating. This is a good idea no matter what their age.

Avoid costumes that are extremely baggie and flow to the ground. Walking up stairs can become dangerous if they step on the bottom of the costume. They are going to protect their candy first. The costumes should be easy to remove and put on. Many kids are excited about Halloween and might have to make a bathroom break here and there. This is especially true since Halloween is normally cold and drizzly if you are in the north.

Emphasize the need to walk and not run. If they are wearing a mask or anything over the face, it should fit properly and have enough room to see and breathe comfortably. Most children today like to paint their faces to look really scary. This is a great idea, a bit messy but safer.

Children should only stop at houses that have porch lights on, they should not enter backyards unless with a parent or enter anyone’s house no matter what they say. Children seem to heat up in their costumes and should carry along some water in their candy bag to take a drink when they are thirsty.

The most important rule that all parents need to explain to their children, is “Not to Eat the Candy until You Check It”. This is the most important thing for trick or treating children to understand. If you are unsure of the candy or any other treat they received, throw it away immediately. There are people out there that ruin good times for everyone.

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