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Monday, October 15, 2007

Things To Tell The Babysitter

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Everyone has had to have a babysitter from time to time, but do you know what information to supply the babysitter with before you leave the house. Some parents think that a phone number where they can be reached and the bedtime is al that is needed. This might be true in a perfect world, but children today, need some extra thoughts about their care. What are some things to tell the babysitter before you leave?

List To Tell The Babysitter

The phone number you can be reached at

The address where you will be

The name of the child’s doctor

The hospital you prefer service at


Allowed snacks

What they watch on television

What they can and cannot play with

Where the list of phone numbers are for:

Family members

Emergency numbers

Closet neighbor

Current picture of responsible family memeber

If the child is allergic to anything

What medications they take and when

Feeding schedules

You as a parent might feel this list is unnecessary, but it is the most important information that any babysitter needs to have available. This is not only in cases something happens to the child, but what if something would happen to you.

The babysitter needs to have some contact information for relatives in the case she cannot reach you or if you are injured in an accident. Not only does the babysitter need the phone number of a family member to take the children, but also a current picture to ensure this is the person taking over the care of the children.

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