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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kids Learn By Example

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If you have ever noticed, your children like to do as you do. If you like to work on cars, they will want to see what it is all about. If you like to cook, they may want to join in. Children are small images of ourselves. What we do they will do and continue doing unless they are told and shown that it is wrong or not safe.

Small children who hit are generally doing so because they have seen a parent or someone who is close to them do so. This can be a very dangerous situation as they grow up and have not been told how bad this behavior is to do. Some children, who are spanked for being naughty, may see this as a way to show displeasure to someone who upsets them. This is where the trouble comes in. Children as small as two or three can learn from what they see and hear.

If you have a child who hits when they become angry, you should correct this problem as quickly as possible. As they get older, the behavior can escalate and cause them a great deal of trouble. If there is a home with domestic abuse, the children can see this behavior and eventually can become an abuser themselves. Parents never think a small child can be an abuser, but if they take after their parents who practice such behavior, yes a small child can display abusive patterns.

If you find yourself with a potentially dangerous and unnatural display of anger from your child, you need to give them the guidance they need. The first way to do this is to stop all abusive behavior when they are in the house and if you spank them, they should understand, it is a spanking because they are naughty. A spanking is considered one love tap, it is not meant to leave a mark or hurt.

Abuse is the number one problem with children today. They grow to do as their parents do. These is a reason why children should never be brutally spanked or watch it happening to someone else. If you stop the abuse early enough, these children can grow up to lead normal and non-abusive lives.

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