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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do You Remember Me?

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I was the girl that nobody looked at. I was the girl that everyone avoided at lunch. I was the girl that just wanted to make a friend. You never gave me a chance even though I tried. I tried to sit by you at lunch, I laughed at some of your antics in the classroom, but still you never knew I was there. Do you remember me?

Did you see that artwork for your pep rally? You all said how beautiful it looked. You could not believe the detail that went into making that incredible piece. Do you remember me now? I was the one standing all alone at the football games and in gym class. I was the one that was last to be picked on any teams or for a class project. Do you remember me now?

I was the one you ignored when walking home. I was the one that just wanted to fit in with everyone. I just wanted a friend to share my secrets with and help me adjust to the new school and community. I was the one that sat up at night longing for my phone to ring with an invite to the big party everyone was going to.

Do you remember me now? I had long brown hair with a beautiful smile and a friendly outlook. I was the one that nobody wanted anything to do with, but I tried. Do you remember me now? I sat all alone watching the world go by, but I was not a part of it. Remember, I was the one that got hit in the face with the soccer ball and everyone laughed instead of seeing if I was okay.

Do you remember that girl that killed herself by cutting her wrists while her parents were away? Schoolmates said they never knew her or even knew that she went to their school. Do you remember me now? I was that girl. All I wanted was a friend to talk to. I wanted to be your friend. All you had to do was say one word to me and I would have felt better about myself.

I felt unwanted and thought I would never find a friend. I thought life was horrible and I did not want to live without a friend. I could not live knowing I was a horrible person that no one wanted to be friends with or talk to. Do you remember me now? My funeral was yesterday. I had my family come to the funeral and a few teachers. I know they had counselors for you to talk to, but you did not need them because you did not even know me or that I was alive. Remember me now?

If you know someone that needs a friend or someone that nobody talks to, take the time to say hello or how are you before you never get another chance to show him or her that you see them and no they are there.

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