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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No Child Left Behind WHAT

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This story was sent to me from someone that drives school bus. I found it appalling and downright assinine.

Okay, this whole situation irritates the hell out of me:

I drive a school bus, (ok, are you done laughing yet!?) the things I see/witness/experience are unbelievable at times. I have two A.M. routes, both routes are what you consider, BAD KIDS, kids in programs that "someone" created to waste the tax payer’s dollars. Each route requires, what the school district refers to as an "aid", I refer to as a "security guard".

My first route is what I call LFF. These are boys and girls who have been deemed to have ED (emotional disorders) all are medicated, these kids range in grades 3-5. In this program, the SCHOOL has a padded room to place these kids to protect themselves, other kids and staff. These kids have no respect for anyone. When I was a kid, these brats would have been arrested (disorderly conduct, assault, battery, etc,) not removed from "normal" classrooms and placed in a program to waste our tax dollars. When I was a kid, PARENTS were held accountable and expected to raise their own god damn kids, NOT THE SCHOOL SYSTEM.

My second route is what I call FF. These are boys and girls that range in grades 5-12. These are kids that are court ordered to attend a "special academy" school. These kids have no respect, values, morals...they just don't give a shit about anything. These kids too are medicated and labeled as BD (behavior disorder). I've learned new slang from this route. I've seen several "restraints" issued by the security guard. I've witnessed a boy suspend himself in the air via the seats and kick a girl in the head 5 times. The girl had a swollen black eye before I dropped her off (neither the school nor the cops ever contacted me about this incident!).

A girl that still rides this route brought a knife on the bus last year and stabbed/cut/sliced the security guard. A girl made a self inflicted mark on herself and told her parents 3 hours later that the mark came from the security guard who took her to back of bus and roughed her up. The parents called Human Services. The security guard was suspended for 3 weeks without pay while "they" did an investigation. Needless to say, the incident NEVER happened and the security guard was reinstated and received back pay after the girl admitted it was a false accusation. I WAS NEVER CONTACTED.

One day I had a substitute driver for myself who the bus company allows her to bring her newborn on her bus routes. One boy, who is a known hitter, slapped the baby in the face. Nothing was done. This hitter has swung at me as well as other kids. Two of these kids require a harness to be transported. One child requires a spit helmet. YES, a spit helmet. NOT only do I transport the BD kids on this route, “they” have included disabled and autistic children on this route. VIOLENT disabled and VIOLENT autistic children. In my opinion, they should be transported separately from the VIOLENT brats. But what do I know, I just drive the bus.

The thing that gets me is the parents. You lazy breeding people.

So, today is what really set me off. We have a brat whose legs are disabled; he does walk with “limping”. This kid has a mouth on him like you wouldn’t believe. He is required to be harnessed for transport. He is also the “hitter”. This brat also pisses and shits himself on purpose to piss off his parents and the school. Now, his mother is a dandy. EVERY morning she is on the telephone. During winter, she would make her disabled child “hobble” through a nonshoveled; unsalted walkway, while talking on the phone of course.

I’ve watched him fall a good 18-20 times. After school, this mother is STILL in her pajamas. So you know that lazy bitch doesn’t work and just collects this brat’s social security checks. This brat plays all kinds of games such as, folding his legs and refuses to get on or off the bus and pants pissing and shitting. This morning, on the phone, she brings out his back pack and a pair of pants. She asks me to wait a minute cause “he” (she didn’t even use her own child’s name) fell in the living room.

She re-enters the house and comes out with him and tells us, “he wet his pants, there’s some dry ones.” And walks back to the house. I was still in shock when I asked the aid who was securing him directly in the seat behind me, “he pissed his pants and he still has them on?!” I used the bus radio and asked if we still transport a child who has wet their pants prior to the bus arriving.

They said yes. Now I almost shit myself. How in the hell can this be? This lazy ass mother knowingly sent her child to school on a bus full of kids with wet pissy pants and “we” have to transport his smelly bacteria bratty butt to school? To school, for the school to do the mother’s job and clean him and change him? All the way to school for the driver and the kids to have to smell that urine. As a mother of the other kids on that bus, I would be irate.

Unsanitary. Do you really think I was gonna clean that brat’s seat? HELL NO. That isn’t my responsibility; the bus company can clean that pissy seat. So, yes, there sits urine on a school bus, for the bacteria to grow. AND I know the bus company isn’t going to clean that piss. (They haven’t cleaned that bus since they used it for Ice Bowling a month ago.

A bus that I got into Monday morning following Ice Bowling, only to smell stale beer and smoke. The bus had 8 cigarette butts on it, 4 beers cups with beer logos, 1 busted beer pitcher, 2 empty packs of cigarettes, dried beer everywhere and several St. Patty’s day décor pieces. I was pissed and informed the bus office 3 different times they needed to clean that bus for transport. That is what YOUR kids get to see in the morning on the way to school.)

When I returned my bus key this morning, I asked the office personnel whose policy is it that we transport a lazy mother’s pissy kid, is it the bus company or the Department of Transportation? “They” said, “it’s a Federal law, No Child Left Behind.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud in disgust.

I then asked, “So what are the repercussions for the driver who refuses to transport?” “They” said, “I don’t know, we’ve never had that issue before.” I said, “Well I guess we will find out, have a good day.” So does this mean when I refuse transport to a lazy parent’s pissy kid, I will be charged with a felony? Me, a felon because it’s wrong to subject ANYONE to this environment?

That mother needs to be reported to Human Services (which I’ve been informed that the school did do that.) Yah, eh, we’ll see. The likelihood of that happening are slim, chances are I’ll probably be terminated for writing this. Now I know I’m not going to change any policy, procedure or rule, but I do still have my morals, values and pride. I couldn’t shut up any longer. It’ll be sad cause I will miss those brats, we were a good fit. I made them laugh, they made me laugh. I respected them, and believe it or not, they respected me.

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