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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Twitter User Arrested for Trying to Sell a Stolen Database

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A Sheboygan, Wisconsin man passing himself off as a computer technician was arrested Monday July 6, 2009 for adding a login to a company computer he was supposed to be setting up. He then took the company database and threatened to sell it on Twitter if the company did not return his router he gave them.

The man was served with a search warrant and Sheboygan Police who took 14 hard drives and a few other things entered his home after obtaining a warrant. The hard drives are being analyzed to see what other information may be on them that could lead to other charges.

The company owner was alerted to a login by the suspect on the company computer by another tech that had to come in and finish a half done job that left the company shocked. They had no idea that the person they had work on the system was a thief. Once the login was found, it was reported to police after the owner found out on Twitter that the database was being offered for sale.

The suspect will more than likely only be charged with a misdemeanor for the crime unless other criminal acts are found on his 14 hard drives. Stay tune as more information is reported.

Note: All of the customer information is intact and appears not to be compromised.

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