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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Daddy and Momma Missing

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You know what? I really hate the phrase 'baby daddy' or 'baby momma' because it has no meaning. A child has a mother and father, or borrowed uterus and sperm donor if one of the parents is missing.

By missing, I mean that the parent isn't around to nurture or help raise the child. Yes, in today's society, absent parents are the norm. Generally, it appears to happen to fathers more so than to mothers. It doesn't mater which parent is missing, one of them is missing out on a child's life, but the child is missing out on the joys of seeing and being with a parent.

Why does this happen? It's a shame that it happens, but most of the time it's because the missing parent doesn't want to be a parent or wasn't happy about the birth or the missing parent may be a total jerk. Either way, the missing parent is missing out on his or her child's life.

Missing parents miss the first tooth, first attempt to crawl, first step and first words. It's not going to affect the child if the parent doesn't see these things, but it may affect the missing parent down the road. It's your child, be a parent.

Even if you don't want the responsibility, you can still may a point to see the child once or twice a month to see how the child is doing. No matter how you feel about the other parent raising the child, you still must make an attempt to let your child know that you are related.

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