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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Family New Years Eve

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Many people think about New Years Eve as a way to get away from the kids and spend some time with friends. Have you ever thought about spending New Years Eve with the entire family? Many companies and organizations are preparing for the New Year with a family night of fun.

Some will have roller-skating parties, some will have music and fireworks at night. Some organizations will have activities for the entire family so they can enjoy a New Years celebration with other families.

When you think about what to do for New Years Eve, maybe you want to take the entire family to something that is held by an organization that caters to the family and offers a night of alcohol free fun. It is a great way to ring in the New Year.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Is For Children

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The meaning of Christmas might be better explained through the eyes of a small child. The joy and happiness that one has at gift opening is when a small three year old gets a new baby doll and excitedly go "whoo hooo, my baby" and jumps up and down hugging the box the baby is in. Although it does not take much to excite little ones, it is amazing to see such excitement from a little girl who thinks that everything she got for Christmas was the most exciting thing in the world.

Now dad really cannot open his presents, because that baby has to come out of the box so that the bonding can take place. Toy manufacturers never really thought about this process when they wired these dolls to the box so they could not escape. First, you need a scissors to cut the straps, and then you need an engineer's degree to figure out how this doll really comes out of the box. After fifteen to twenty minutes, the baby is finally released and the bonding begins.

Now that all the fun is over it is time to count the gifts and make sure they are still there. After that, it is time to see what others have gotten and maybe try out some of their toys. Now, you have an aunt that remembers when her kids were small and everyone thought that loud noise making toys were appropriate, it is time to see how it feels. You have this amazing little gadget that resembles an electric keyboard, but it has eight buttons that give you rock, jazz and dance beats and four drum pads. What a thrill it is to give it to two nieces in one night.

The only thing to remember, is the adults love little kids toys as well and put these two things together with a portable DVD player playing some sort of dance video for kids in a room filled with twenty-two people talking and laughing and you have succeeded in driving everyone nuts. This is what Christmas is all about, everyone having a good time and seeing the kids so excited over the gifts that they received.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

What Makes A Parent

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With all the emphasis on being a good parent today, one can only wonder if they are in fact, a good parent or can they do something different. The fact is that not everyone parents his or her children in the same way. What the woman next door does might not be right for your children. If you have children that behave and listen fairly well, then there is no reason to think you are not a good parent. Just because the children next door use "please" and "may I", does not mean that is a better parent.

Being a good parent means trying to give your children love and sharing with them in their excitement or disappointments. How your children as far as politeness does not make a parent better than anyone else. Instilling the fear of god in children to be polite is not good parenting. Loving them and talking to them the way you would like them to talk is how children learn to talk.

What is a parent?

A parent is someone who loves you no matter what.
A parent is someone who tries to stand by you and give you support.
A parent accepts you for who you are and not what you might have been.
A parent is warm, loving and kind.
A parent is the one you want to be with when you do not feel well.
A parent is the reason you are here.
A parent is someone you will miss dearly when they are not here.

All these things make you a good parent, not your child's vocabulary or your child's IQ. The clothes they wear or choose not to wear does not make you a good or bad parent. This is the time of year to reach out and say, "Mom and dad, I love you." It does not matter how long it has been or even if you parted under bad circumstances, they are your parents and they do love you.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top 10 Blogs for Writers Winners

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This is a parenting blog and I have to offer my congraduations to the top 10 blog winners at the Top 10 Blogs for Writers

Please pay a tribute to the winners and express your congraduations.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

New Years Resolutions

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Have you been thinking about your New Years Resolutions? There are so many different resolutions that people express on New Years Eve. Some of the top resolutions that people make are:

1. Lose weight
2. Stop smoking
3. Launch a new career
4. Pay bills
5. Have a baby
6. Get married
7. Practice being a better parent
8. Be nicer to people you meet on the street
9. Donate time for a charity
10. Plan an exciting vacation for the family
11. Eat healthier
12. Work harder on a relationship
13. Make more money
14. Do a remodeling project
15. Get to the honey do list

These are just a few of the New Years Resolutions. For my resolution I am going to concentrate on making more money and get out of debt. I also plan to lose a few pounds with exercise. What is your New Years Resolution?

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We Take Care Of Our Children No Matter What Their Age

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We start out being a parent from the time we know the little one is conceived. Many parents think that at the age of eighteen, parenting is done. The truth is that we continually help our children no matter what age they are or where they live. Parenting is for life no matter if you are around all the time or not.

As children grow from birth, we teach them to talk, walk, eat, drink and socialize with other children. As they get older, we try to guide them in the right direction so they do not fail in life. However, some children take on an entirely new personality and ignore our words of wisdom. We remain the parent. We just wait for them to learn the hard way and we are there for them when they figure out that we were not to far off base.

Many children never learn, but the majority learns by out successes and failures. We try to create a better life for our children so they can lead a happy and healthy life. As a parent, we can stand by our children no matter what the circumstances and help guide them in making the right choices, but we cannot hold their hand. They grow into adults that need to take responsibility for their actions and themselves.

If we have done our job right, our children will grow and flourish while becoming self sufficient in this world. When they start their own families, they will look back on what we did and how we tried to guide them and think about why we did it. They will realize that we were trying to offer them guidance for a positive life. That is when we will feel our accomplishments.

When your child becomes a parent, they will have more respect for you and the words that you tried to convey to them. They are now starting the same journey and will have many things to think about now.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Sorry I Was Down For A Few Days

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Sorry that the site was down for a few days. It was a technical error on the robots that troll for spam blogs. I have been restored and will try to post a great article later today. I hope my readers will continue to come back to read the informational articles.



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