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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Meme Challenge

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How interesting! I was tagged by Kathleen over at Easing Chronic Pain for a meme challenge. The rules seem pretty simple:

*I link to the person who tagged me and post the rules for this challenge on my blog.

*Share seven facts about myself.

*Tag seven more bloggers and link to them on my blog.

Hmm. I think I can handle that.

I have two grown children that make more money in one year than I ever did as a Supervisor.

I live in the Wisconsin and I hate snow!

I work from home because I hate winters and my dogs need me at home.

I am going to be a Grandma in March!

I am two young to be a Grandma because I still go out and have fun with my daughter and her friends!

I fantasize to get my creative ideas for short stories.

Bills are piling up and Christmas is coming!

Here are the blogs that I am tagging for this challenge:

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Inky Ramblings

Chicago History Blog


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Are Your Ideas For Christmas Gifts

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Have you noticed that the kids are getting anxious as Christmas nears? Kid's wait all year for this day and they give ideas all year long, about what they want. What are some of your ideas for a Christmas gift for a seven, four and three year old?

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Monday, November 26, 2007

People Who Post On The Internet Without Regard To Children Reading The Post

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In many cases, we protect our children from predictors on the Internet, but how do we protect our children from someone who has kids and still takes no consideration as to what they say or do on the Internet. One such topic is posting comments on informational sites without regard to who is reading them. Children use the Internet to find out about jobs available as well as to do school assignments.

If a child were to Google football or writing gigs, what would they find? They would fine some interesting information that they can read and learn from. Now, if that post spawned bad comments and derogatory remarks, who is to blame for your child seeing the information? Not you, they are doing what they are suppose to be doing. The people that post comments on conversational posts are the ones that need to wise up.

Parents rely on the Internet for their children to learn more than what we as adults had the chance to do. If I want my child to learn about why I do not like something or what types of jobs are available for freelancers, I would direct them to a specific keyword and let them search. I would expect them to be subjected to crude remarks, selfish behavior and racism or name-calling. I would want them to see informational comments that give viewpoints from all.

It is not my fault that I believe in a site for having some great information, but it is the person's fault who feels inappropriate language is the way to debate issues. I would want my child to see a healthy debate on the information, not childish and unwanted behavior from people who call themselves adults and parents. We already have to censor the Internet, now we cannot even allow ours children to visit informative and education sites for fear of being subject to hate.

Just because you are a watchful parent that has 100% control over your child, when they are on the Internet does mean that everyone has this option. Before making comments of hate towards someone or something, stop and think about how you would feel if it was your child reading it.

If you have followed this blog, you know the articles, "Kids Learn By Example" and "Family Computer Placement". These articles tell a story by themselves, but even the best parent cannot be there to watch a child the entire time they are on the Internet, especially if you leave them on a site that is respectable until a few have to ruin it.

Take time to think about how you want your children to be brought up and then think about others. If you have issues that are not appropriate for your child to see, then maybe you should think twice about posting it.

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How Does Santa Claus Deliver All Those Presents In One Night

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The one thing we know about Santa Claus, is that he watches over us the entire year. He works with his elves all year making special toys for all of us. He knows what we want because he listens to us laugh and talk. Not only does he keep a list of bad and good things but he keeps a list of things we say we want.

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is very, very busy. There are so many children to deliver presents to and only one real Santa Claus. Now how does Santa Claus deliver all those presents on Christmas? This is the question everyone is asking. Let’s see if we can find the answer.

There are many different time zones. This means Christmas starts earlier in some countries and ends later in other countries. In researching this a little more, I have found what I believe to be the answer.

Santa Claus would more then likely start dropping off presents in Anchorage, Alaska working his way thru that time zone Next he would go to Australia delivering presents there. Then it would be on to Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America and into North America. There is an International Date Line leading me to the second part of my answer.

Santa has elves that can meet him any place in the world. They could bring him the next bunch of presents for the next set of kids. This is one thing nobody has ever figured out. But I do believe the elves do meet Santa Claus for this purpose.

One cannot forget that Santa Claus has Santa Claus helpers that go to various locations between Thanksgiving and Christmas to talk to all the boys and girls. They could also help Santa Claus out on Christmas Eve. Because of the International Date Line, I believe this could be true also.

There are two possible answers to the question, with both of them being the theoretically possible. There is only one person who knows which one, if not both, is true. And he is not telling his secret.

Christmas is enjoyed all ages and Santa Claus has the biggest job of all, making sure we all get our presents delivered before we wake up Christmas morning. As for me, I couldn’t wait to wake up and see all the lights and presents by the tree. It made you feel all warm inside.

I feel all children should be visited by Santa Claus and don’t forget the milk and cookies. He needs to keep up his strength for an all night job. And don’t forget the reindeer; you have to get Santa Claus to every house on time.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Discipline Needs To Be Established By Both Parents

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It is hard enough to discipline children these days, but when the child no they can play on parent against the other, new issues arise. Both parents, whether married or divorced need to follow the same rules and discipline in the same way. Sending missed signals can only lead to confusion in the child. It can also cause more problems as they get older. If a child is allowed to do things with one parent, but the other parent does not allow it, children become confused and start to feel that one parent is easier than the other is.

You have now created a monster of deceit. If you say no and the other parent is a yes person, the child will learn to run to the other parent to get permission while avoiding listening to you. Both parents have to have the same habits of discipline and an understanding of what the child can and cannot do. This is where parents make the mistake. Mediation is a good thing for discussing the issues pertaining to children. A third party can always help both parties understand the importance of effective parenting.

Just because the child is from a divorced family does not mean they should have special treatment. Some parents over compensate for not being the full time parent by allowing the child to have their way. This just encourages bad behavior and does not teach the right values. If a child is having a tantrum about visiting a parent. Talk to them and explain that they need to see the other parent and they can see you when they return home. Maybe they could call you if that helps. Never agree to let the child make the visitation rules.

Teenagers may be a bit different with visitation. As they get older, they can make their own decision about visitation. If they have friends and activities going on, they may choose to skip visitation. This is going to be their choice, as they grow older. You cannot force a teenager to visit the other parent. They are almost an adult and do have different choices. Keep thing simple by agreeing to discipline, rules and responsibilities. Divorce can be civil and easy if both parents take the time to work together for the sake of the children. No one needs stability more than a child does.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Children With ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was also known as attention deficit disorder. This a very common condition found in children, which is believed to affect the mental condition of the child. Some of the characteristics of ADHD are impulsive behavior, hyperactive, the child is easily distracted and has poor concentration. Some children out grow ADHD as they get older, but more than sixty percent suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder through their adult years.

There are some things a parent can do to help a child with ADHD. You can set schedules for all activities including wake up time, bedtime, television time, homework, playing and eating. This helps with stability, which plays a big role with children afflicted with ADHD. A parent can make a list of rules to be followed and explain what can happen, if the rules are not followed. You should always have the child repeat the rules to you so they understand what you are saying.

When your child does something good, you should find some way to reward them. Whether this is with a treat or some other reward that will have a positive affect on how they act and what they do. Children who have ADHD need to be supervised at all times. Never think you can leave your child alone. When they are bored is when they tend to find trouble. Try not to disrupt the schedule you have set forth. If the child needs to do homework, find a quiet place where there are no distractions.

Children who have ADHD cannot be cured. With a regiment of behavior management and counseling, your child should be able to be in a classroom with other children and have a good level of learning. Some medications work, but most parents find this is only good as a last resort. The drugs used do affect the child’s brain chemistry, which helps to reduce the hyperactivity and increase the attention span of a child suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thing To Do And Not To Do As A Divorced Single Parent

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Your children are a victim of divorce just as much as you are. The one thing to remember is you are the adult and they are the child. Do not confide in your child about issues pertaining to your fight or disagreement with the other parent. The issues need to be resolved without involving the children. Some single parents relay unfavorable information to the child, putting them in the middle where they have no business being.

Do be civilized to the other parent. You can only hold a grudge for so long. Children need to know that both parents love them and they do not to see the two of you bickering all the time. If you have a child support check to give to the custodial parent, deliver it yourself. Do not have the children involve themselves with any part of the divorce settlement. All this does is cause a rift between the children and the offending parent.

Keep arguments out of earshot of the children. They probably heard enough when you were married or together. Children are a creature of habit and can pick up bad examples if allowed to see petty arguing between parents. If you have issues with each other, discuss it in private, not in front of the children. Never make a child choose between parents, you might lose.

You are the adult and you need to take care of the children first and then worry about discussions with the other parent. Even if you hate each other, you need to make every effort to do things together for the sake of the children. This includes PTA meetings, school activities and all activities that the child participates in. Tuck your hate away and enjoy the day with the child. It is not for you to enjoy, the child needs to have both parents involved in their life.

It may be hard to be civil to each other, but if you do not try, the children are the only ones who suffer. Yelling and sabotaging the other parent in front of the children is just wrong. Even if you feel the ex is a pain. You still have to be nice, well calm anyway, when interacting with each other in front of the children. Never show or express jealousy over how much time the children spend with one parent. It is what they want and you should respect that if you want to be respected by them.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Keeping Children Busy On The Thanksgiving Holiday Ride Or Family Together Time

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Everyone knows that children get a little frustrated when they cannot find something to do. This especially true if you are driving to Grandmas house, which is a couple hours away. Children need something to do to keep busy on the long trip. They might enjoy a coloring book or a hand held video game. Some like the black velvet coloring packages. Cards games are also a nice way to past time. If you have children and are traveling, you want to make sure they have something to do. It makes the trip more peaceful.

For spending the day with family and friends, the children make become a little restless. Adults enjoying talking, watching the football game and just having a good time. Kids on the other hand may become bored. Again, video games or even a portable DVD player with a good movie will keep them occupied. This also works well for traveling. If they have a good movie that they like, they will sit for a couple hours and enjoy the movie.

Another nice thing to keep children occupied is the popular word search books or some other age significant books. If you have crayons and colors, this is always a way to entertain the kids. Older kids like to listen to their music and a disc player or an iPod makes a great traveling companion. Crafts are always a good way to keep the kids busy. Babies may fall asleep, but if they do not, the cutest toys that attach to the car seat can keep them occupied. The same goes for visiting in the house. They seem to be easily entertained.

If you prefer to save money, the ride in the car might be fun if you give them some paper and a pencil and have them write down things they see. The list can help with writing and work as a way to remember the adventure. Some families like to count out of state license plates or even different animals seen. There are many things to do that do not cost anything.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Is In The Air

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With Thanksgiving arriving in no time, Christmas is only a short month to go. Do you have your holiday shopping started? Some people are done, but the real Christmas shopping starts the day after Thanksgiving. The day of Thanksgiving, we spend time with family and friends celebrating a time of giving. Some of the men are hoping the Detroit Lions will give to the Green Bay Packers. However, families gather around the table or the television to enjoy a feast made for a king.

The traditional Thanksgiving dinner is turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, yams, potatoes, corn, dinner rolls, gravy and everyone’s favorite, pumpkin pie with whipped topping. As we feast on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy a day of football, the kids will play and pictures will be taken. Families are getting together to draw names for exchanging gifts at Christmas and drinking a little holiday cheer.

Christmas is a special time when the Thanksgiving Day parades roll out the sleights with Santa Claus who is ready to greet the little ones and hear what they want for Christmas. The parades are beautiful with all the Christmas lights and decorations. Stores are unveiling their Christmas windows and families are bundled up warmly to start the holiday season.

The one thing we forget sometimes is those less fortunate than we are. Some people have no family and nowhere to spend the holidays. Some of the little ones do not enjoy a Christmas Day of receiving presents from Santa Claus. The family just cannot afford such a luxury of buying gifts. If everyone considers one child and buys one extra present to present to someone less fortunate, little ones everywhere can enjoy a Christmas present from Santa Claus. Imagine the gleam in their eyes when you take the time to say Merry Christmas with a gift that was left under your tree for them from Santa Claus.

Plan your holidays and your shopping to include someone, maybe even an elderly neighbor who has no one to spend the holidays with, and see what a difference a little love can do to brighten someone’s life. Everyone deserves a little extra love at Christmas, some of us have more than enough to go around, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had someone to spend the holidays with.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Funny First Thanksgiving Dinner

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If you have ever tried to prepare your very first Thanksgiving dinner for family or friends, you can maybe relate to this story. As a newcomer to preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, I was alone in the kitchen preparing the bird. Now when you have never done this before, you might be surprised to learn that before the bird is ready for the stuffing, they take you on a scavenger hunt inside the bird’s body cavity.

Now I when inside and felt around for this gross looking bag that contained something that I immediately threw in the garbage. Whether I found it in the neck or the other end, I have no idea, but I found the little bag and threw it away. Then they tell you to wash the bird. Well imagine my surprise when I stuck it in the sink, washed it with warm water and was drying it when I read the instructions that said, do not forget the cavity where you found the neck and giblets.

Now, first off, I have no idea what was in that bag, but it must have been the neck and giblets, I assumed. Therefore, I turned the water back on, opened up the flap and washed the inside of the turkey. I then gently dried my turkey. I was feeling a little overwhelmed now because I had never had to wash my food before, but I felt sure my bird and was clean.

Now my bird had two openings, so I had seen my mom stuff the bird, so I knew how to do this. I prepared the stuffing and stuffed my bird on both ends. I was done and so proud. Everything was going great. I was ready to sit back and wait until my friend and her husband cam over to eat. The potatoes, corn and the dinner rolls where no problem for me, since I knew how to make them. I had bought a pumpkin pie, so I was safe there as well.

The bird is done and coming out of the oven. My friend said she would scoop out the stuffing and her husband would crave the turkey. What a great day it turned out to be or was it. As she was scooping out the stuffing, a bag of stuff comes out with it. I swear up and down as everyone was laughing that I had taken out the bag and through it in the garbage, which I showed everyone. To my dismay, turkey processors have a little scavenger game going on and you have to find two bags in two different holds.

I had found only one bag and cooked the other bag with the stuffing. After the laughing and humiliation was subsiding, we sat down to a great tasting Thanksgiving dinner. That was my first Thanksgiving turkey and I now have switched to turkey breast, which there is no scavenger hunt involved with that.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cheap Meals Kids Love To Eat

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Kids are fussy when it comes to food. They like hot dogs, hamburgers, meatloaf and French fries. Kids are not going to want liver, sauerkraut or cream corn. There are some recipes that kids will appreciate even if it is not something they have had before. They mostly enjoy foods because it is easy to eat and looks good. Most kids enjoy these recipes. You can plan a meal on a budget and still have a healthy and scrumptious meal for dinner.

The first one that seems to be a favorite is Macaroni and Cheese with Hot Dogs.

One box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
One package of hot dogs

You slice the hot dogs into half inch or smaller pieces and prepare the macaroni and cheese as directed. After mixing in the cheese, add the hot dogs and you have created a meal that kids love. The meal cost about $5 and can feed three to four people.

A favorite of kids is a Hamburger Casserole

One pound of ground beef
One can of corn
One can of tomato soup
Elbow macaroni

Brown the meat, add tomato soup, corn, and boiled noodles. You now have a good tasting meal that costs $7 to make and feeds about four or five people.

Tator Tot Casserole is another favorite for kids.

One pound of ground beef
One bag of tator tots
One can of cream of mushroom soup

Brown the meat, add the tator tots and mix. Add the mushroom soup and cover. Place in the oven at 350 degrees for one half hour to an hour. The cost is about $7 and feeds three or four people.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are You Ready For The Holidays, Not Everyone Is

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The little ones are gearing up for Christmas and all those presents they ask for during the year. The first holiday is Thanksgiving where children usually just run around and play with other relatives. This is a time for giving thanks for what we have. For children and many adults it is the start of the Christmas season. The holiday parades, Santa Claus is in the stores and the parade announcing his arrival, but shopping is hot.

If you want all those special deals on gifts, you have to hit the stores early. Christmas is an entire month away, but everyone is out in the stores scooping up those 30% off items and taking them home and hiding them from the family until Christmas Day.

The meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas does not mean the same for everyone. Many people do not have family to spend the holidays with, nor do they have the money to afford a turkey dinner with all the fixings. Christmas morning is not going to see joy in everyone’s eyes. Many people are without the money to buy Christmas presents.

This is a sad time for children who see everyone else getting presents for Christmas and having fun while talking about everything they received. Maybe we all need to stop and think about others who work hard to make ends meet and have no extra money for Christmas presents. Yes there are organizations that hand out a gift or two for under privileged families with children, however many people are proud and do not use the service. Sometimes, actually most of the time there are not enough toys to go around.

Maybe you know someone who is working so hard to provide a life, home and education for their children that could use a helping hand. When you are at the store buying for your family, stop and think about the little girl down the block who has nothing. Maybe that little Barbie Doll that cost $15 would look so adorable in her hands. If everyone felt this way and took the time to spend even $10 on a child in the neighborhood, children could be happy everywhere.

The joy in children’s eyes when they open a present on Christmas Day is the best Christmas present anyone could ask for. I remember when I was a preteen and I got my first training bra. I was so excited that I ran around the dining room showing my brothers and sisters. I could not wait to put it on.

It is the little things that make you feel warm inside. When you see the expression on faces of children that receive a gift, even from you, on Christmas Day, it brings a smile to your face and teary eyes are not uncommon as well.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Teen Drivers And Cell Phones

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Do you think teen drivers should be allowed to talk on cell phones while driving? The answer is a controversial one, because teens feel they are discriminated against when they see adults talking on their cell phone. Teen drivers are not experienced enough drivers to drive and talk on a cell phone. Most drivers no matter what their age cannot talk and drive at the same time.

With the increase of accidents by teen drivers, one has to ask themselves if it is wise to limit not only cell phone use, but any distracting activity. Changing channels on the radio or talking to a passenger can cause lack of attention to the road. Parents who have children or teens that drive need to explain the consequences of inattentive driving. This is no longer a minor occurrence, teen drivers are being killed on the roads every minute.

If you are a parent of a teen driver, you should not have to worry about your teen being in a car driving. Talking to teen drivers is the only way to stress the importance of driving responsibilities. Stop at stop sign, look both ways and keep the cell phone off. They can always answer the call back after they have stopped, but if they are talking and driving without paying attention to their surroundings, it may be the last call they take.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Under Stress: Writing From Home As A Freelance Writer, One way To Relieve Stress

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How many times have you sat down at the keyboard and started an article? Many times, I would imagine. Sometimes freelance writers have stressful situations at home or with what they are writing. This can become a problem if this is how you support yourself and your family. Family upsets as well as frustration with the topic you are writing about can over come even the best freelance writer.

If you have family problems, it will show in your work. You will have concentration issues that may affect the quality of the article you are writing. You need to have a clear head and a quiet environment to write a good, quality article. In the case of an upset, you should stop writing and take a long, deep breath to cleanse the soul and your mind. The process might take longer depending on the type of frustration you are feeling or the type of stress you are under at the time.

Many times, you might have to just walk away and come back at a latter date. This is hard to do if you are working on a deadline. There is one way to sooth the soul and alleviate some of the stress and frustration you feel. It is found that a set of headphones and some classical music such as Beethoven or Bach will easy your stress and eliminate frustrations. It soothes the mind and cleanses it of all the things making you feel frustrated or stressed.

After a half hour of listening, your mind and body should be relaxed and eager to start new. This is just one way to relieve the stress quickly if you have a deadline. Classical music is a mind stimulant that can sooth even the most over stressed of writers. Many executives use this method of relaxation to relieve stress after a hard day at the office.

If you need to relieve stress and meet a deadline, try listening to some classical music as you close your eyes and allow your mind to drift away and think about something happy and beautiful. Remember one thing when you do this, block out all other noises around you by wearing headphones. You will be surprised at how much better you think and write after you take a break and sooth your mind and body. It does work if you are open to new ideas. Most writers need some outlet during stressful and frustrating times.

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