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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kids And Water Be Careful

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Unfortunately, summer is here and accidents with kids are already hitting records. The most recent was a near drowning that has left a six-year-old girl in critical condition after three weeks. The six year old was in the lake with her seven-year-old brother while their father was on the beach. Where, I have no idea because they have not officially released the official report.

The two kids walked out the second sand bar, which in all reality was very deep except for the sand bar. Both kids fell off the sand bar into deep waters. A woman walking on the beach rescued the boy and the girl was rescued by three teens on Jet Skis. The six year old was unconscious and received CPR from worker at the Power Plant where the kids where in the water.

Today, she is still in critical condition and no report on how severe her condition is was reported. What is it we say during the summer? Kids need to be watched and taught. If you have not watched the video I posted months ago, please watch it now. Please take the time and learn how to protect your kids around water.

INCREDIBLE VIDEO!!! Take the time to watch here

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