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Monday, March 31, 2008

A Mothers Love

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This video might not be about humans, but it does show that a mother's love can come from anyone no matter what color, creed or race the young are. This was sent to me and I wanted to share it with you becasue it does show us that maybe we should take a lesson or two from out pets.

Click here to see.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Keeping Cats Out Of The Baby Crib

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This article was written by Pamela Gardapee for Cats Galore

Many people, especially younger people have never heard about keeping cats out of the baby's bedroom or out of the crib because of the potential dangers that can result. I was very surprised to hear that my son and daughter-in-law had never heard anything about this danger.

Cats are drawn to the smell of breast milk or formula and the warmth of the baby and will enter the sleeping space of the baby to find the smell of the breast milk or formula. The cats lay on top of the baby while it is sleeping and can smother the baby. This is not a rare occurrence. It has been documented many times in history. Cats do not know they are doing anything wrong, they are just curious and loving.

If you have a cat that likes to sleep on you, they will more than likely want to sleep on the baby as well. This can be a very dangerous situation. It is always best to keep the infant in a room with the door closed while listening to a baby monitor to be safe. Your cat might not want to be around the baby, but some will. The chance you take is not worth it.

Once the baby starts growing and can move around by itself, then the cats will not be a worry, but until then, you must keep the cats away from the sleeping baby.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

How Domestic Violence Affects The Children

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Children from a domestic violence situation are the ones being hurt the most. Children are not at fault just because they were born into this world. However, some parents resent the children or just do not care about them enough to keep violence out of the picture. Children living in a home with domestic violence are affected in different ways. They can have things withheld from them, kicked out on the streets with no processions, beat, yelled at constantly or even abused in unspeakable ways.

Domestic violence that is occurring in the home needs to be stopped before children become pawns in the abuse. Fighting in front of the children or in a home where children can hear the fighting or see the abuse is something they remember for years to come. Victims of domestic abuse live with the fear that some day it may happen again and sometimes they distance themselves from new relationships for self-preservation. Is this how you want children to be raised?

If you have children and live in a home filled with hate and fighting, it may be time to get out and run. Being alone can be hard, but instilling fear in your children is the worst fear in the world. How can children grow up to be loving and caring, when they see the violence around them? Parents are supposed to protect children and teach them the right values about life and living. Teaching children to fear is not going to help them survive in the world, it is going to make them something more. They could grow up to be abusers themselves. Do you wish that on your children's future spouses or children?

If a domestic abuse situation is what you live in, you need help. There are organizations that will help parents of domestic violence find a place to live, a job if needed and food. Legal aid is one option to start proceedings to distance yourself from a partner that continues to abuse you or the children. It is just a matter of time before abusive relationships take something that can never be given back, your life.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sibling Rivalry Can Start Before The new Addition Arrives

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Many times an only child can resent a new member before he or she even arrives. The mom is busy getting ready for the new arrival the child feels left out. They feel as if you have no time for them. One example of this was a woman who was having a baby and her three year old son did not want a new little brother or sister. Convincing a young child that this will be something good is not going to work as she found out.

As the time came near, the child was moody and would not listen. The day the baby was born, he was taken to the hospital to see his new brother. He seemed to be fine. He held his brother with the help f his dad and everyone thought that was it, he had accepted the new arrival. As the days moved along, he was finding that this new baby cried a lot and his mom was always busy with the baby.

One day he had enough of the crying and frankly told his mother to put that baby back inside her tummy. He informed his mom that it made to much noise and he could not sleep or think. That was the start of sibling rivalry for the family.

It is hard to tell a child about a new arrival, but if you keep them included in everything, they should adjust. In some cases, you will have to explain the benefits of having a sibling every day until one day the child listens or gives up.

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